Best Role Playing Video Games (MMORPG’s) of 2008

Best Role Playing Video Games (MMORPG’s) of 2008: Role Playing games are games where you are thrown into a huge environment with a cool story with alot of twists and turns. MMORPG stands for Massively multi-player online role playing game. There have been many role playing game attempts and alot of them have failed miserably for instance take games like dark orbit which is massively advertised through pop ups this game is completely failing and has a small amount of players but take World of warcraft which has 11million players world wide and then u can see the difference and tell which one is failing. Here is a list of RPG/MMORPG games i think you should avoid at all costs;
. Last chaos.

. Dark orbit.

. Atlantis.

. Knights online.

. Guild wars.

. Ever quest.



The list can go on for ever but those are the main ones. the reason the last two are bolded because they should absolutely never be played they are rubbish and have absolutely no story line, have terrible graphics and game play.

A few you should try:

. World of warcraft

. Eve.

. Diablo.

. Lord of the rings: shadows of angmar

These four games all are undoubtedly the best MMORPG’s ever made. They all have great graphics, good storyline, fun community, expansions to keep you playing and don’t necessarily require and top spec PC to play them on.

RPG’s/MMORPG’s of 2008.

A few new RPG’s/MMORPG’s have been released this year.

A hit Xbox exclusive game fable has had its sequel released Fable II, this game is fun and can be played for hours on end also as it is on a console doesn’t require a PC of high spec to play.

World of warcraft: Wrath of the lich king. The second expansion to world of warcraft, this game is extremely fun and absolute a must have or atleast tried game. The huge community of players makes it so much more fun knowing that when you kill some one you have ruined their day. Good points about this game are:

. Player vs Player is fun and having two factions against each other adds to the atmosphere of having to keep an eye out for pesky horde who try to gank you (gank means kill you and then wait for you to respawn and then kill you again repeatdley).

. HUGE ENVIROMENT!!!! a whole world is at the ready for you to explore plus Outlands a mysterious planet torn apart by evil and Northrend the home of the mighty lich king.

. Awesome bosses and NPC’s(non playable characters) while playing this game you must fight all sorts of foe ranging from ordinary rats – huge fire gods.

. Great graphics while you play this game you cant help but compliment how realistic it looks and how it feels like you actually part of a huge world and you can make all the difference.

Another RPG which is out this year is Lord of the rings online: The Mines of Moria the expansion to the original Lord of the rings online. this game is huge and has awesome graphics another must have or tried game.