Crafting Tips for Runescape – Get Ranked & Make Money, Part 2

This is part 2 of my discussion of ways to level up for crafting skill in Runescape and to make money while you are doing it.
The first type of crafting that I want to discuss in this article is glassmaking. Glassmaking is a members only skill. First you have to make the glass itself and then you can craft items from the glass that you made. You need a few items to make glass: a glassblowing pipe, empty buckets, sand, seaweed, a tinderbox, axe, and logs.

You can get a glassblowing pipe from the spawns on either Entrana [northeast of the herblore shop] or in Hemenster near the fishing guild. Empty buckets are often left lying on the ground by higher level players; you can pick these up free [free is always good]; but empty buckets are also available for sale very cheaply in the general stores. You can use your empty buckets on one of the sand pits to fill them. Sand pits can be found in the Lost City, Rellekka, Yanille or Entrana. Also if you have completed the “Hand in the Sand” quest you can go visit Bert in Yanille, once every 24 hours and he will deliver to your bank account 84 buckets of sand for free. If you have a magic level of 58 you can do the Watchtower teleport; which will bring you right outside of Yanille; you need 2 earth runes and 2 law runes to cast it. For the seaweed there are spawns in Entrana and Shilo Village; it can also be gotten from big net fishing. Or for a small amount you can buy buckets of sand, seaweed and soda ash from the charter ships.

Ok, now that you have gathered your supplies; you need to cook your seaweed to get soda ash; unless you just bought the soda ash from the charter ship. Then take your glassblowing pipe, and equal amounts of buckets of sand and soda ash; and head on over to one of the furnaces around runescape. Besides getting the 20 experience points, you will get a piece of molten glass. Then you can then use the glassblowing pipe with the molten glass to make items.

With your molten glass you can make various items; such as: at level 1 you can make a beer glass for 17.5 xp [experience points]; at level 4 you can make a candle lantern for 19.5 xp; you can make an oil lamp at level 12 for 25 xp each; at level 33 you can make a vial for 35 xp each; at level 42 you can make a fish bowl for 42.5 xp; at level 46 you can make an unpowered orb for 52.5 xp; and finally at level 49 you can make lantern lens for the bullseye lantern for 55 xp each. Bullseye lanterns are better as they are a safe light source that will not blow out or explode around gas.

Once you make level 33, vials are probably the most useful item that you can make. Fill them with water at any water pump, sink or fountain and then they are ready to use in your herb lore; as all potions require a water filled vial. You can also sell these to other players; but as with most things if you will sell large quantities you will get the best prices; such as selling 1k [1,000] at a time.

Ok that’s glassmaking; see part 3 of my crafting tips for more. for more general details about the game see part 1 of this article and also the above named website.