Eight Easiest Mounts That You Can Obtain in The World of Warcraft


Mounts have always been an essential part of the game for around 17 years and counting. New players that are joining the platform nowadays are always wondering where to obtain the easiest mounts in World of Warcraft, and the reason is that every player has a desire to get their hands on the items that are effortless to obtain. That’s why we have decided to reveal an extraordinary list of the eight easiest mounts that you can achieve on this MMORPG.

Garn Nighthowl

Nighthow is a drop from Nok-Karosh, who is an elite beast residing in the western part of Frostfire Ridge (Draenor), an easy mount to get in wow. In order to obtain this mount, you will have to travel back to Draenor and defeat these elite mobs until the mount is dropped. The mount looks like a big wolf, which is quite similar to the one in the Orc’s faction. Regardless of that, it’s quite epic and the drop rate percentage is a complete 100%.

Reins of the Black Drake

Black Drake is a drop from Sartharion, easy mounts to get in wow, who is a dungeon boss residing in the Obsidian Sanctum, Dragonblight (10-man raid). This is the first variant of the three awesome drake mounts that were introduced in Warcraft, and they’re all easy to acquire. To obtain this mount, you will have to head back to the Northrend continent, which was released with the Wrath of Lich King expansion. The drop rate of the wow mounts easy to get mount is 29.79%, which means that you might get the mount on your first run if you are lucky enough.

Reins of the Twilight Drake

Twilight Drake is a wow mount easily to get the drop from Sartharion (same as Black Drake), who is a dungeon boss residing in the Obsidian Sanctum, dragonblight (25-man raid). Twilight Drake is considered as the cooler brother of Black Drake, who has an undeniable charm and magnificent design revolving around the color violet. It’s also the best-looking mount on the list with a drop rate of 43.60%. However, the only difference is that it’s a 25-man raid mode of the same dungeon, so the chances to obtain this mount may differ upon your performance among the raid members.

Reins of Poseidus

Poseidus is a drop from Poseidus itself, who is a rare elite mob located in the Shimmering Expanse and occasionally in the Abyssal Depths (Vash’jir). It’s an aquatic mount that can only be used under the water, and it has a good drop rate of 97,96%. However, the mob that drops it is a rare spawn, so you might have to do a lot of searching to obtain this mount.

Reins of the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth

Traveler’s Tundra can be purchased from Mei Francis, who is an exotic mount vendor located in the Dalaran, Northrends (57.6, 42.6). It truly is one of the most unique mounts in the game, as it has some outstanding features like – you can carry 2 passengers with you at a time, and when you hop on it, you can access 2 vendors; one for reagents & repairs and the other for consumables. If you are Neutral with the Kirin Tor wizard, then the mount will cost you 20,000 WoW Gold pieces, Friendly reputation rank will bring the amount down to 19,000, Honored and Revered to 18,000 and 17,000, respectively. Finally, if you are ranked Exalted, then the price will come down to 16,000 gold pieces for these easiest mounts to get in wow.

Reins of the Wooly Mammoth

Wooly can be purchased from Mei Francis (same as Traveler’s Tundra), and it isn’t as fancy as the previously mentioned Mammoth variant mount, but it’s quite affordable. You can purchase this mount for twice as cheap as Traveler’s Tundra for this easiest mount to get in wow.

Reins of the Armored Brown Bear

Similar to Traveler’s Tundra and Wooly, you can purchase Armored Brown Bear from Mei Francis, located in Dalaran, Northrend (57.6, 42.6). This is the third most epic mount that is sold by Mei and this time it’s not a Mammoth. In fact, this mount is a regular bear equipped with a sort of armor and googles. Depending on your reputation, you can purchase this mount for 750g (Neutral), 712g & the 50s (Friendly), 675g (Honored), 637g 50s (Revered), and 600g (Exalted).

Reins of the Bronze Drake

Bronze Drake is a drop from Infinite Corruptor, who is a dungeon boss located in The Culling of Stratholme (Caverns of Time). Yes, it is arguably the most desired flying mount in the game, because obtaining Bronze Drake makes you feel really special and the process is quite straightforward. You have to head back to the Wrath of the Lich King instances in The Culling of Stratholme and defeat the Infinite Corruptor dungeon boss, who has a drop rate of 90.98% of dropping this mount. I mean, you can even get it on your first run if you are lucky enough!

Source: Best WoW TBC Classic Gold Marketplace – P2PAH